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Review: American Gods

American Gods by Neil Gaiman
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Few novels strike one in such a way as to leave a lasting impression upon one's everyday existence. American Gods is one of those few, in my opinion. The narrative leads the reader through the vast maze of life in America via a series of fantastic adventures along the highways and byways that, in many ways, define much of the American experience. American Gods provides a unique insight into American culture while spinning a tale filled with mystery, suspense, and twisted God-like humor that is worthy of the Gods themselves.

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Short Story work

I just finished editing and submitted a short story entitled "The Price of Youth" to
Wish me luck folks!

When writing a scene leaves you emotionally raw...

When writing a scene leaves you emotionally raw-you know you have put a piece of your soul into your writing and left it there for the world to read. I just finished writing a particularly difficult and emotionally taxing scene that leaves me wanting a shower to wash away the filth... But I think I may have achieved the goal of getting my readers to truly hate a character.

Opinions..Thoughts.. Ideas?

Q: How would we as a people, and individual nations for that matter, respond to overwhelming proof on a global scale that we are not alone in the cosmos?

Looking for viewpoints

Q: How do you think we as a species would react to discovering that we were engineered as an experiment?

Q: How would we react to having our religious beliefs, of every ilk, proven as nothing more than human creations?

Challenge to fellow Firefly Fans!

There's a Firefly reference in "The Key to Humanity"  ... can you find it?

"The Key to Humanity" is available for download on multiple platforms!

Apparently I dodged the bullet on the exclusivity deal with Amazon.  One has until the first promotional date to un-enroll in the option.  End Result is publication on Smashwords and Amazon!
"The Key to Humanity" is now available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo.
"The Key to Humanity" has been posted on Smashwords,  distributed out to Barnes & Noble,  Kobo, and it is being reviewed at Amazon at the moment. (The link for Amazon in Kindle format) will be posted as soon as it is available.

Chapters 1 through 5 of "Bad Neighbors" is available on Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.  This is a work in progress.  The novel will be available soon.
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I finally have a day off, the weekend off really, and am getting some writing done.  Making progress on Bad Neighbors-Part 1 and enjoying having some time to get more of this story on paper.

Success? In my opinion..Yes

I never expected reviews, much less good reviews on Bad Neighbors.  I intended this as a trial run to further understand the e-publishing process.  I am in the process of rewriting, expanding, and deepening the plot of the story.  Part 1 should be available for free download very soon!
First submission and self publication was a success and I apologize to anyone who has read the first installment of Bad Neighbors for the brevity of the work. It was written as a submission piece with a very defined word limit and as my first real piece of published work.  I am learning to navigate the waters of publication and I appreciate your patience while I get my feet wet.

Self Publication?

So at the impetus of some Facebook acquaintances, I am attempting self publication on Smashwords.  Wish me luck folks!