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Watch the Official Book Trailer "Prophecies of the New World"


"Prophecies of the New World" by Royce Sears-Chapter 3

Prophecies of the New World

By Royce Sears

Book One of The Elegance of Nature Series
Chapter 3 Faith
“Footfalls echo in the memory Down the passage which we did not take Towards the door we never opened” -T.S. Eliot

Jadyn’s thoughts began to drift as he waited. Thoughts of his Family, of the happiness his success would bring, of the shared food, and of the approval that he might win from Tayana. It was getting harder and harder to concentrate on the important things as thoughts of both Tayana and Merina occupied his mind more. He fought to keep his mind on the hunt but it drifted into thoughts of Tayana as he waited, recalling the way her hips swayed as she walked. She was a few years older than him and had more experience— of that he was sure. She enticed him with her long black hair, fluttering eyelashes, and curvy body that she accentuated with clothing selected to enhance her curves. She tantalized him with long, lingering stares and quick, soft touches that always left him craving more. …

"Prophecies of the New World" By Royce Sears- Chapter Two

Prophecies of the New World
By Royce Sears

Book One of The Elegance of Nature Series
Chapter 2 Visions
“Sing your Death Song and die like a hero going home.”
— Chief Aupumut (1725)
The darkness was complete. “Where am I,” Otaktay wondered aloud. He surveyed his surroundings, but there was only darkness. He was lying on his back, and his body ached. He shifted, something soft beneath him, straw maybe, or grass, he couldn’t be sure. The sweet, rich smell of freshly excavated earth was thick on the dank, cool air of the strange place. He became aware of a rhythmic beat, a rhythm he felt rumbling within the earth as much as the air. Initially, he thought it was the rhythm of his own heartbeat, until the singing, and a long, low chant, rising in pitch and volume, reached his ears. “Am I dead? Is this the Spirit World?” he asked. He was naked, not that it mattered, but his clothing would have been a small comfort in such strange surroundings. Trying to remember what happened only conjured hazy im…

Dropped off more copies at Empire Books today and this happened...

Empire Books's Facebook Post:
"Prophecies of the New World" is back in stock at Empire Books and News! Royce Sears is a local author and his debut dystopian novel which continues to thrive here at our bookstore. We look forward to Mr. Sears' future works and so do our customers!
Check out Royce Sears' social media and keep up to date on his events at

"Prophecies of the New World" By Royce Sears- Chapter One

Prophecies of the New World

By Royce Sears

Book One of The Elegance of Nature Series

Chapter 1
“In the Game of Life, less diversity means fewer options for change. Wild or domesticated, panda or pea, adaptation is the requirement for survival.”  —Cary Fowler
Hunched low on their mounts, the riders clung to their Companions as they loped swiftly and silently over the sea of gently swaying prairie grass in the pre-dawn glow of a late summer morning. The band of brothers, a ranging patrol of the Village’s Warriors riding bareback astride their Companions, tracked their quarry’s movements as it crept closer toward their home. Long grass and sedges tickled the bottoms of their hand-sewn leather shoes as the dogs of the new world loped in great, leaping strides beneath them. They slowed only long enough to smell the earth as it rushed beneath them, nostrils flaring wide as they scented their quarry. The dogs, each standing taller than most men, were just one of the many changes wrought …

Violet Flame Gifts in Newark, Ohio will be carrying "The Elegance of Nature: Prophecies of the New World"

Violet Flame Gifts will be carrying "The Elegance of Nature: Prophecies of the New World" in Newark, Ohio.

Violet Flame Gifts
118 W. Locust Street, Newark, Ohio 43055

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Other Locations:

Empire Books and News in Huntington, WV
Taylor Books in Charleston, WV
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Virtual FantasyCon 2016 - October 9th-16th

I just learned about this event Virtual Fantasy Con and have submitted the necessary information to become a part of the Virtual Convention. Hope to see you online at Virtual FantasyCon 2016

Schedule and Events:

A Cosplay booth with adaily prize bundle for a best Cosplay selfie and a Grand Prize at the end ofthe week.

A Blog Hop Hunt withprize bundles to win.

Booths and an Author’sCache sale booth


An event page: TheReader’s Corner with readers voting for the Best of FantasyCon Awards.

Panel Discussions viaYoutube.

Sun Oct 9 – Epic/Sword&n Sorcery (include High Fantasy)

Mon Oct 10 – Sci-Fi / SciFantasy / Time-Travel

Tue Oct 11 – Fairytale /Punk (includes all versions of Punk)

Wed Oct 12 – Paranormal /Urban

Thurs Oct 13 – Series /Short Stories (includes all subgenres of FantasyCon)

Fri Oct 14 – Dystopian /Apocalyptic

Sat Oct 15 – Dark /Grimdark / Horror

Sun Oct 16 – Children’s /YA Fantasy