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I finally have a day off, the weekend off really, and am getting some writing done.  Making progress on Bad Neighbors-Part 1 and enjoying having some time to get more of this story on paper.

Success? In my opinion..Yes

I never expected reviews, much less good reviews on Bad Neighbors.  I intended this as a trial run to further understand the e-publishing process.  I am in the process of rewriting, expanding, and deepening the plot of the story.  Part 1 should be available for free download very soon!
First submission and self publication was a success and I apologize to anyone who has read the first installment of Bad Neighbors for the brevity of the work. It was written as a submission piece with a very defined word limit and as my first real piece of published work.  I am learning to navigate the waters of publication and I appreciate your patience while I get my feet wet.

Self Publication?

So at the impetus of some Facebook acquaintances, I am attempting self publication on Smashwords.  Wish me luck folks!