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For some strange reason, I've decided to join the #PitchWars festivities- complete with a #PimpMyBio. Why? It sounds like fun! 

Born in the heart of West Virginia, Royce dreamed of becoming a writer throughout his younger years and was always an avid reader. Starting out with an old and often temperamental typewriter, he wrote poems and stories that helped develop his young imagination. A kind-hearted teacher in Junior High School took his first "manuscript" home for the summer and painstakingly read through pages and pages of violent, poorly written L. Sprague de Camp-esque combat scenes. She returned it the following school year with the classic red ink - a plethora of suggestions and encouragement that fueled his desire to write. A word processor, a gift from his grandparents, became the source of many tall tales which unfortunately never left the realm of the 3.5-inch floppy disks. Those tales, and the disks they were stored upon, faded into the digital oblivion of lost ideas.
USS Mississippi (CGN-40)

Royce later joined the Navy, serving on the USS Belknap (CG-26), the USS Mississippi (CGN-40) and at Portsmouth Naval Medical Center in Portsmouth, Virginia. (Some of his Adventures in the Navy can be found here)  After a brief career in sales, he went back to school via a cooperative partnership program between Marshall University and Saint Mary's Nursing School. Royce is a Registered Nurse in Charleston, WV at one of the largest hospital systems in the region.

Royce lives near Charleston, WV with his wife Carolyn and their menagerie of fur babies.
Say Hi to Sangria

Royce's interests/hobbies include:

  • Gardening
  • Brewing Beer & Mead
  • Blacksmithing
  • Drumming (Djembes & Doumbeks)
  • Festivals (Nature, Pagan, "Hippy" www.wisteria.org )
  • Reading
  • Movies
    • Favorites Include:
      • The Martian
      • Interstellar
      • Most Star Trek Films
      • Star Wars (All) Yes...I said all
      • The Last Starfighter (cheesy I know)
      • Die Hard (Favorite Christmas movie)
      • Deadpool
      • The list goes on and on and on...

And here's a little about HUMANITY FIRST

Captain Owen Hudson is a miner, but rather than digging holes in the earth he mines the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Mining pays the bills but like all mining captains, he longs to strike it rich by finding a Merlin—an asteroid comprised of rare and valuable metals. After years of mining the Belt his dream comes true, but an urgent distress call from a trusted friend means he must leave the riches behind—for now.

The year is 2125 and humanity has become dependent upon artificially intelligent computer programs to manage everything from stock markets to spaceships and space stations. After rescuing Duke and his mysterious traveling companion, Owen learns his friend has knowingly escorted Valeska Johnston, alleged terrorist leader of the Humanity First AI resistance movement, aboard his ship. Due to his trust in Duke, Owen allows her to plead her case before turning her over to authorities or simply tossing her out an airlock. She reveals her role in the history of AI development and her belief that one of the first generation programs, an AI whose behavior is not governed by rigid programming laws, survived their attempt to destroy the first generation.

Owen must make a choice. Ally himself with a terrorist and abandon the riches of the Merlin in order to help her, or turn her over to the authorities and risk the end of the human race if she is correct. 

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