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For some strange reason, I've decided to join the #PitchWars festivities- complete with a #PimpMyBio. Why? It sounds like fun! 

Born in the heart of West Virginia, Royce dreamed of becoming a writer throughout his younger years and was always an avid reader. Starting out with an old and often temperamental typewriter, he wrote poems and stories that helped develop his young imagination. A kind-hearted teacher in Junior High School took his first "manuscript" home for the summer and painstakingly read through pages and pages of violent, poorly written L. Sprague de Camp-esque combat scenes. She returned it the following school year with the classic red ink - a plethora of suggestions and encouragement that fueled his desire to write. A word processor, a gift from his grandparents, became the source of many tall tales which unfortunately never left the realm of the 3.5-inch floppy disks. Those tales, and the disks they were stored upon, faded into the digital oblivion of lost ideas.
USS Mississippi (CGN-40)

Royce later joined the Navy, serving on the USS Belknap (CG-26), the USS Mississippi (CGN-40) and at Portsmouth Naval Medical Center in Portsmouth, Virginia. (Some of his Adventures in the Navy can be found here)  After a brief career in sales, he went back to school via a cooperative partnership program between Marshall University and Saint Mary's Nursing School. Royce is a Registered Nurse in Charleston, WV at one of the largest hospital systems in the region.

Royce lives near Charleston, WV with his wife Carolyn and their menagerie of fur babies.
Say Hi to Sangria

Royce's interests/hobbies include:

  • Gardening
  • Brewing Beer & Mead
  • Blacksmithing
  • Drumming (Djembes & Doumbeks)
  • Festivals (Nature, Pagan, "Hippy" www.wisteria.org )
  • Reading
  • Movies
    • Favorites Include:
      • The Martian
      • Interstellar
      • Most Star Trek Films
      • Star Wars (All) Yes...I said all
      • The Last Starfighter (cheesy I know)
      • Die Hard (Favorite Christmas movie)
      • Deadpool
      • The list goes on and on and on...

And here's a little about HUMANITY FIRST

The year is 2125 and we have become dependent upon artificially intelligent computers to manage day-to-day life. Owen Hudson, captain of his privately-owned asteroid mining vessel, wants to strike it rich. Doctor Matthew Tremmel wants to change the future with his Phase Drive technology, and Duke Roush wants his life back after the consequences of a chance encounter with a pirate catch up to him. When Valeska Johnston, alleged terrorist leader of the Humanity First AI resistance movement, reveals the truth of an AI with a personal vendetta against her and the entire human race, Owen and Duke must make a choice—a choice Matthew is denied. Do they ally themselves with her, despite her lack of evidence, or turn her over to the authorities and risk watching everyone they know become slaves to the machine?

I created Humanity First as a world dependent upon the extrapolation of current technology. Humanity’s growth hinged on the development of the space elevator, popularized by Arthur C. Clarke and Ben Bova, along with artificial intelligences who manage the day-to-day operations of living in space. While technical realism is a hallmark of good SFF in my opinion, the human condition is at the heart of any good story. Humanity First focuses on themes of LGBTQ acceptance, found family, and  I wanted to focus on the idea of welcoming LGBTQ diversity in our future by treating all relationships with equal respect. The novel is complete at 107,000 words. Humanity First is a near-future, adult, hard science fiction space opera that can best be described as Asimov’s I, ROBOT meets James S.A. Corey’s THE EXPANSE.

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