Life Happens... I've been away for a little bit...

For anyone following my blog or requesting book reviews, I've been out of the loop recently due to life changes.

Since early December I have changed jobs, bought a house, and moved into that new house. Since early January we have been trying to get internet access to the aforementioned new house. Thanks to a communications snafu between the power company and the cable company over the viability of a utility pole, red-tagged and slated for replacement on a normal, periodic schedule, the cable company would not climb the pole to activate our cable internet service. Last week, we finally got internet access to our new home...

Some good news from all of this: it provided fewer interruptions to getting moved into the new house, performing maintenance, and outfitting my office/writing space.

I'm back to writing... currently 53k words into this work in progress... and am slowly getting back to reading more as time permits.