Does this pique your interest? (Revision of a Previous Post)

You are perusing books at your local bookstore again..(You seem to spend a fair amount of time at the bookstore) You pick up a book with some eye-catching cover art depicting Native American Warriors riding enormous dogs (as big or bigger than a horse) toward a beaten and bloodied young man lying on the ground--and an army of men giving chase behind the fallen youth. 
You read the back of the book to see what it's about. 
Does this catch your interest better than the last one? 

Seventy-five years after the world was devastated by a mutating virus of extraterrestrial origin, humanity is an endangered species, but an ancient prophecy, a young man, and a Warrior of the People may be the keys to healing both the human race and the planet.
Otaktay, a young Warrior of the People, a nomadic Village of survivors following what’s left of the Native American traditions, finds himself swept along by his prophetic vision of a young man whose coming was foretold by a lost and forgotten prophecy of the People. Otaktay’s vision leads him and Natan, his trusted Companion—a dog of the New World—along with Otaktay’s band of brothers, The Swooping Hawks, on a journey far from their home, deeper into a world dominated by bloodthirsty predators—once human beings—to find the young man of his vision.

In a world of constant danger, survival of the fittest is the key to life as the struggle to survive the savage predators and shifting paradigms of the New World creates an exciting and action-packed adventure into a world where old magic meets hard science.