I need Opinions, Please. (Would you want to read this?)

You're browsing your local bookstore and you pick up a book with some interesting cover art. Intrigued, you turn it over and read the description on the back:

Seventy-five years after the world was devastated by a mutating virus of extraterrestrial origin, humanity is an endangered species, but an ancient prophecy, a young man, and a Warrior of the People may be the keys to healing both the human race and the planet.
Otaktay, a young Warrior of the People, a nomadic Village of survivors following what’s left of the Native American traditions, finds himself swept along by his prophetic vision of a young man whose coming was foretold by a lost and forgotten prophecy of the People. Otaktay’s vision leads him on a journey far from his home, in a world dominated by bloodthirsty predators that were once human beings, to find the young man of his own prophetic vision.
To the south of Otaktay’s Village, Jadyn and Jared, two brothers struggle to survive with their small family of survivalist’s descendants in an isolated cave near the Rocky Mountains. Jared ventures into the world beyond their home in search of guns and ammunition, weapons of the Old Days, while Jadyn is rescued by a mysterious stranger traveling to a settlement further south. Struggling to feed the family with even fewer hunters, Jadyn and the family join the traveler to follow him to the settlement on the promises of a new and better life.

In a world of constant danger, survival of the fittest is the key to life as they must struggle to survive the dangers of the monsters created by the Infection, the dangers of shifting paradigms within the New World, and the dangers of the monsters they may become themselves.

Does the description pique your interest? Would you consider buying this book?