Moments like these...A reader's comments

It's "Little Moments Like These," as Brad Paisley - another West Virginian - says, that make all the effort and work of organizing one's thoughts and imagination into a work of fiction worth it. I just received this email from a reader who found "Prophecies of the New World" on the free promotional at

"Subject: Just Wow
I finished reading the Prophecies of the new world. As I started reading it, I didn't even realize it was book 1. It was just something I picked up from Smashwords for free during lunchbreak. But wow! It was so captivating and mesmerizing! Loved to read it and craving for more!
I hate it if a writer leaves the reader with a cliffhanger size of Scandinavia and have to wait ages for a sequel. This ending was just right for me , 'cos it left me hungry for more but not driving me crazy.

Please tell me you're already working on the second book?"

These are the moments that a writer lives for...that moment when your work speaks to someone in such a way that they take a few minutes out of their busy day to send you an email in order to tell you what they thought of your book. A written review at a retailer is, of course, wonderful but when someone actually takes the time to look up your website and send you an email... I can only echo.. "Just Wow!"