Intriguing Radio Bursts from Deep Space

Source Article: Science News

Eighteen fast radio bursts since 2007, each lasting a few milliseconds, have been recorded from the Christopher Crockett, is the repeating nature of these transmissions - which indicates these transmissions are not isolated to a one-time event.
same place. Where are they coming from? The source of these strange transmissions is over 3 billion - yes that Billion with a capital B - LIGHT YEARS away, in the constellation Auriga. The interesting thing about these, according to

Some of these intercepted transmissions were even picked up right here in West Virginia, at the Green Bank Observatory. It is suspected that these bursts of radio waves may be from neutron stars, but it is purely suspicion at this point. Green Bank Observatory made news in 2016 when it went 'rogue' after the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Green Bank's parent organization, cut funding in efforts to tighten its fiscal belt. This was quite a shock to Green Bank Observatory since it is home to the world's largest steerable single-dish radio telescope. As of October 8th, 2016, Green Bank Breakthrough Listen Project, the North American NanoHertz Observatory for Gravitational Waves, and West Virginia University in order to help replace the decreasing funding from the NRAO. It's the first time a science institution has ever 'gone rogue' in order to continue doing its job.
Observatory became an independent institution and it will continue to observe the skies above Earth for these types of phenomena. Green Bank Observatory has partnered with the

Let's hope that science continues to remain a relevant and important part of our society in the years to come because as Edward Teller said, "The science of today is the technology of tomorrow."

Royce Sears