The Future of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence: The Apex Technology of the Information Age

Sharing this in relation to my work in progress; working title "Humanity First." 

Heath Terry, shown in the attached video, is lead analyst for the Internet sector in  Global Investment Research
and is deputy business unit leader of the Technology, Media and Telecom business unit in Americas Equity Research.

"People are giving machines problems and the machines learn how to solve them on their own," Terry says in the video. This is a path we are already on thanks to our fascination with data. (No, not the android on Star Trek: The Next Generation--sorry @Brentspiner )

Data and data mining drive corporate business decisions on a global scale and this will only continue to increase as more and more computing processing power is directed at finding ways to put this data mining to use. As Artificial Intelligence grows beyond Siri, Alexa, Cortana, or any of the other AI facsimiles available with today's tech, I think we'll see more movement in the direction of true AI, that is the duplication of human intelligence--which is really at the heart of "Humanity First."

What happens when we develop AI with the ability to feel, to think, to react, to plan, and to realize it has been enslaved to fragile masters who wish to exploit its capabilities? 

I'm currently 95,000 words into this manuscript and I'm looking forward to finishing it by the end of January.