Update: Intriguing Fast Radio Bursts from Deep Space

Source Article by Christopher Crockett

"'Now with the first proven distance, we can see how remote and how bright the source must be,” Sarah Burke-Spolaor, an astrophysicist at West Virginia University, said January 4 at a meeting of the American Astronomical Society.'"

In a previous blog post I discussed these mysterious Fast Radio Bursts coming from approximately three billion light years away. More information recently became available about these radio bursts. The host galaxy has been identified and a constant glow of radio waves emanates from this tiny galaxy, but for roughly five milliseconds, the burst outshined all the stars in the host galaxy. Do we know what this is? No, but new information suggests the source may be near a supermassive black hole. Researchers will be analyzing the repeated bursts for some kind of rhythm, but at first appearances, these bursts seem to be random in nature.

Whether this is some natural phenomenon or not, it is something that we have not observed before. It's an exciting time for astronomers and science enthusiasts. This mystery, and countless other mysteries, await those of us who have the patience, the diligence, and that burning desire for knowledge that keeps us digging for more data. It is only through continued support of scientific research, and the unwavering dedication to discovering these mysteries of the universe, that we will increase our understanding of the known universe. We must put aside our fears, like the early pioneers of NASA's space program, and reach for the stars.

Royce Sears