Norse Mythology (Digging Deeper)

As a long-time lover of Norse Mythology, I have to say I'm excited about Neil Gaiman's new book.

All mythology - be it Norse, Greek, Egyptian, Celtic, Roman, or Christian - has a special context and
relevance to the stories that helped define us as a species. Norse Mythology holds a special place for me because of the very personal connection I have always felt to the stories, culture, and indeed the Norse Gods themselves.

For those who share my interest and love of Norse Mythology, I thought I might share some other books I have enjoyed over the years that bring deeper insights into the culture, stories, and traditions of our Nordic ancestors.

The Norse Myths by Kevin Crossley Holland

Myths of the Norsemen H.A. Guerber

Saga of the Volsungs

The Poetic Edda (Free on Amazon)

The Prose Edda (Free on Amazon)

Beowulf (Free on Amazon)

Saga Six Pack