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Hyperion Hyperion by Dan Simmons
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Hyperion by Dan Simmons is a wonderful science fiction novel that combines a number of scifi elements in a fantastically woven story. Simmons tells each character's story separately, in a delightfully artistic manner, that escorts the reader through the many and varied facets of the incredibly complex world he's created. Using character archetypes, Simmons tactfully uses his characters as ciphers to decode the mysteries of a backwater world known simply as Hyperion. Aspects of military-scifi, cyberpunk, space opera, mythology, religious mysteries, and a profound appreciation of literature--expressed through his mad poet character--make Hyperion a delightful reading experience. The only place throughout the entire novel where I felt let down was the end...and I'll leave it at that.

Royce Sears

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  1. Hi Royce, glad you enjoyed "Hyperion"! It had a huge effect on me when I first read it, too. I understand how you feel because of the cliffhanger ending, but you really need to read "The Fall of Hyperion" immediately after to finish the story. The publisher split them up, but the two books are essentially one seamless story, even though the narrative form completely changes for the second instalment.

    1. I'm adding it to my list :)
      Thank you!

    2. Did you get around to reading "The Fall of Hyperion"?

    3. Not yet, I took a week off in the woods. I just started Babylon's Ashes (Expanse #6) but will be getting to The Fall of Hyperion soon.


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