Remembering the Challenger and her valiant crew!

I remember sitting in my elementary school class watching the shuttle take off and seeing it explode after take-off.
"The future doesn't belong to the faint-hearted, it belongs to the brave." -President Ronald Reagan.

Even though we face adversity in our quest for knowledge, we must persevere, reach beyond our comfort zone. Below is an introduction to a short story I wrote entitled "Race to the Belt," currently in review for publication at Analog Science Fiction and Fact.

"Each new advance and each new step we take into that dark unknown that lies beyond our small world is a risk that each member of every crew is aware of. We, as a species, would never have found new lands or grown beyond our little villages if we let our fear consume us and prevent us from taking new strides. The settlers of the New World would never have left their homes in the old world if they had allowed their fear of the unknown to make their decisions for them. Human kind has, for centuries, been an intrepid band of explorers; always looking for answers to the great questions. It’s time we found that dauntless courage once again, faced our fears, overcame our complacency, and once again Reach For The Stars!"

NASA Day of Rememberance

President Reagan's Challenger Speech