"The Elegance of Nature-Book I: Prophecies of the New World"

Queries have been sent out to multiple agents, and even a few publishes--just in case, and now the waiting begins...

An excerpt from Chapter 13

"“You know so much? Are the lives of men so important to you, the wolves, the Ma’iingan, I mean?”
The lives of men, and the lives of the Ma’iingan have been intertwined from the beginning, Hotah’Takoda. Even in the days of slaughter, when man would kill Ma’iingan on sight, when man would fly in machines above us, killing us from the sky, we watched.”
As Old-Man ‘spoke,’ images came with the words into Hotah’Takoda’s mind. He saw the wolves as they had been, smaller versions of the majestic beings before him. Images of hunting parties armed with rifles, killing wolves from a distance because the wolves were feeding on their livestock and cutting into their profits. He saw men leaning out of helicopters, slaughtering entire packs, families of wolves, from above. He felt the pain and emotional anguish of the wolves who had been collared and radio-tagged to lead the hunters to their packs. They would be spared while the rest of the pack was slaughtered, and when they sought out the company of another pack, they too would be slaughtered."