Expansion of US Airforce Space Warfare Training #real #scifi #sciencefiction #sciencefact

US Airforce Expands Space Warfare Training: 

"U.S. Air Force Space Command released an outline late last week of Gen. John Hyten’s plan for training military satellite operators to defend the ultimate high ground against adversaries striving to take away the edge satellites give the U.S. and its allies in armed conflict."-- 

As a former member of the United States Navy, I understand the need to protect assets and safeguard the idea of global commons--much as the navy does our oceans. It seems to me that, much like everything else in our military's arsenal, America wants to militarize space in such a way as to police and patrol in a manner that we see fit. 

“Our space forces must demonstrate their ability to react to a thinking adversary and operate as warfighters in this environment,” Hyten said in the document. “If we do not adopt this transformation quickly, we will lose our competitive advantage in space and jeopardize our ability to successfully confront adversaries in all domains.” --

The use of the phrase "warfighters in this environment" sends chills up my spine, honestly. We have barely learned to crawl in this environment, and we want "warfighters?" Perhaps humanity is truly destined to destroy itself, thanks to our species' greed for both power and money.